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Facebook Re-Blog from Carol Sammon: Music and studying

Music and studying. Mmm. If you schedule a time to study, it can be very relaxing and enjoyable, but I think it depends on the subject matter you are trying to tackle. There is an ebb and flow to reading and writing. Literature and music kind of go together, so playing your favorites low in the background can make the time more enjoyable, and possibly be an incentive.

If you’re studying math or the sciences using formulas, the kind of music and the volume are definitely more important. Most need to concentrate on the subject matter, so if you are busy listening to music lyrics, you might not be fully involved in the work, which can lead to longer study time, frustration, and hatred of what could be some interesting concepts. I think music is good for the psyche and can add to any study schedule, but for math, music should be more subtle and definitely lower in volume.

Depending on the subject, I prefer classical, easy/soft jazz and OLD rock n roll (definitely 50’s-60’s, some 70’s, maybe 80’s.

Now, did you know the color of the space where you study can also be very important to a relaxing and focused study time? Color schemes can be a help or a detriment.

Any thoughts?