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ITSI 101: Our Core Subjects

A common question we are asked by prospective clients….“What subjects do you tutor students in specifically?”

Right off of our website – – – here are our specialties!

Reading: Our reading programs focus on the areas of phonics, word study, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.  THE MOST IMPORTANT AREA THAT BRANCHES OFF TO OTHER AREAS.

**We now offer Social Studies and Science programs to master the skills to successfully read and comprehend informational text.

Language Arts: Skill reinforcement in the language arts address grammar, usage, mechanics, spelling, sentence and paragraph structure, the writing processes, and research.

Math: Our math program includes skill-building in the focal areas of Numbers, Operations, Fractions, Geometry, Measurement, and Equations.

Florida FCAT: Tutoring is available for Grades 3 through 8. Addresses the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) in Math, Reading, and Language Arts.

Pre GED and GED Preparation Services – available to students wanting to take the test for their Diploma.